July 29, 2014

Divekick Review


Billed as “the world’s first ever 2-button fighting game”, Divekick was a quiet revolution when it hit the competitive fighting game arenas. Now it’s available to us mortals, will it have you jumping for joy, or limping away?

Divekick Review

When I initially read Divekick was the first two-button fighting game, I snorted. “No way,” I thought to myself. What about the oldskool classics like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? Or anything on a third generation console, in fact? What I didn’t realise, however, is quite how literal Iron Galaxy were being. Here, you don’t even have a D-pad. You can only press one of two buttons, even when navigating the menus: ‘dive’ and – you guessed it – ‘kick’.

You can map those actions to any part of the controller you fancy, but it wasn’t long before I settled on a pretty standard X and O. From there, the objective is simple: kick your opponent. To perform a kick, you must first dive – though that’s actually a jump. This is also the only way to move forward, while kicking without diving will hop your character backwards slightly. And that really is it. So how can it be then, that this is one of the most in-depth fighting games I care to remember? …

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